Capuano “?Guess Who/What/Where/When?” Game 2005

(click on the link to see the answers)


1.         Guess where Suz took the Christmas picture this year?


2.         Guess what kind of show Julia is going to be in this month?


3.         Guess what Steve’s new transportation is?


4.         Guess what animal we swam with in the ocean at Cape Cod this summer?


5.         Guess who drove Uncle Rich’s boat down in GA?


6.         Guess how many feet tall Andrew made his latest 3D paper alien?


7.         Guess why Julia was so happy in Vermont by the pool?


8.         Guess what instrument Andrew started playing in October?


9.         Guess what instrument Andrew started playing in November?


10.       Guess what Andrew had to carry around with him for 10 days (without breaking it) before he got his black belt in May?


11.       Guess where Steve and Suz are going ALONE (shocker!) in 2006 for their 15-year wedding anniversary?


12.       Guess what sport Julia is really good at that doesn’t require ice time?


13.       Guess how much Andrew, Julia and their friends raised selling iced tea for the hurricane victims?


14.       Guess how many pumpkins Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Josh carved with Andrew and Julia this Halloween?


15.       Guess what is the one of our favorite things we do when we go to the beach with Aunt Steph and Uncle Jamie?


16.       Guess what Julia’s new hobby is?


17.       Guess what Pumpkin is wearing around her neck right now?


We had an incredible year with wonderful memories shared with good friends, best friends and family.  We continue to savor & cherish such special moments.  We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year!



Steve, Suzanne, Andrew, Julia and Pumpkin Capuano