The things I always wanted are right before my eyes

The little humming of Julia songs

And her tender hugs when she cries.


Andrew’s sweet nature has captured my heart

Every morning he wakes with a new invention he starts

Shows it to us with that proud little smile

And says “Mama can I snuggle just for awhile?”


Julia’s sweet beautiful smile lights up a room

Her laughter is catching

Especially every night at dinner when she

Drops her fork or spoon!!!!!  (so so funny!!)


They say heaven is full of angels and love and peace

But I think some white fully cloud must have had a leak…


Because these angels here

Are very real to me

They are the love of my life

The biggest, priceless present I can see.


And my pumpkin, my little companion so true

Never asking for more than some love

And a little Frisbee time too.


I thought I was one

That appreciated life before

But oh how this year has changed

I now see so much more.


My hubby I hug more and throw in lots of extra winks

My best friend in life

It really makes me think…

Where would I be

Without this family?


I could worry about that answer

Like I usually do

Or just appreciate what I have

And know its all true!


I am a very lucky girl

This I do know

In this time to be thankful

My gifts I will show.