A Christmas Note From Andrew


Tonight before I fell asleep, I looked at my little Christmas tree on my dresser (it’s my night light) and said, “Mama are you sure Santa knows about Power Rangers?”  She looked at me and said “yes, I’m sure.”  Then she got the “look of love” as Dad says.  Mama gets that look every time I say something really cute.  I learned about Power Rangers from one of my friends at school.   I have a great time at school now.  At first I missed Mama too much but then I realized how quick the time went by if I played with my friends.  Now I have tons of fun!!  Mama and Dad can’t believe all the songs I learn at school.  I think my favorite part of school is finger painting!!!  When I was little, I didn’t like getting my hands messy but now it’s a whole new world of fun!  Julia hasn’t seen this world yet.  Mama tries to put paint on her hand to make a handprint and she just screams!  The only thing Julia likes in her hand is a spoon!!!!  She can eat and eat and eat!!!  Can you believe she even feeds herself every meal!  Mama can’t get the food on the table fast enough!  In the morning I wait patiently for my favorite chocolate chip waffle and Julia waits for her cheerios.  But sometimes Mama forgets the spoon and Julia says….”poon”  Julia is talking a lot lately.   Today she said, “get pa pa”  that means get her pacifier.  I understand what she wants even when big people don’t.  I was little once too.  I remember those words.  But now I’m big….like the magma defender!!!!  My brain grew much bigger too!  Can you believe I can read a little????   I play Reader Rabbit Reading on my computer.  One night I surprised Mama.  The little ant in my game asked me to click on the word “them.”   Well, I played a trick.  I clicked on all the words that weren’t  the words “them” -  That’s much harder to do you know.   Julia watches me play my game at night.  But in the morning she plays “Jump Start Baby” on the computer.   She loves it!!!!   Her favorite part is when the little bear plays hide and seek and she has to find him.  One morning Julia decided to be that little bear.  She hid from Mama and me.  We looked everywhere!  She didn’t make a peep.  Then we found her!  And she just laughed at us!   Julia sure knows how to have fun!  I taught her how to count when we play hide and seek together.  She goes to the wall by the kitchen and puts her little hands together to cover her face and says….”ahhh,  ahhh,  ahhh” …. Ya know  - like she’s counting.  Then she looks for me. But it doesn’t take her long to find me because Pumpkin helps her.   Speaking of counting..EVERYDAY I ask Dad “is it almost Christmas?”  We count the days on the calendar.  I just can’t wait!!!!  This year is going to be so much fun with all those presents!  But Mama reminds me when I get all excited about toys that that’s only one part of Christmas.   I hope in all your shopping (which by the way I REALLY REALLY don’t like) you think about the magical spirit of Christmas and remember to give lots of hugs and cookies to all the ones you love.    Have a Merry Christmas!