A Little Christmas Note From Me


Merry Christmas everyone!   This was the best December ever!   Mom, Dad, Julia and I just got home from Disney World.  We had sooo much fun!!  This was my first time on an airplane.  We flew through clouds!!!!  I took lots of pictures of the plane with my Elmo camera.  Mom taught me how to center and wait for the right moment.  She says Iím a fantastic photographer just like her.  I also took pictures of my favorite place...Sea World!  The whales were lifting the trainers WAY up in the air on top of their nose!!!  The whales jumped so high they almost splashed everyone watching.  They had a REALLY big TV there so we could see the whales when they went under water.  Moms favorite part was when the camera man put Julia on TV!!!!   That was exciting!!  Julia had a great time at Disney too!  When Piglet and Tigger held her, she smiled as she held onto their fur.  She liked them so much she tried to eat them!  (Sheís teething)  We went to Magic Kingdom too.   I road on a train and lots of rides. My favorite was Minnieís kitchen.   There was popcorn popping, utensils banging and a cake baking.  I saw a parade and lots of great shows!   Julia didnít see very many show because thatís when Mom tried to feed her.  She still nurses from Mom but also has cereal and the other day she started sweet potatoes.   Julia needs lots of food because she burns lots of calories kicking the back of my stroller seat.  She kicked me all day at Disney until I would turn around and talk to her.   Mom says she's getting her own little personality now.   She laughs a lot because I tell her lots of jokes.  Mom read me a book with jokes in it and Julia is the only one who keeps laughing at my favorite joke no matter how many times I tell it.  She laughs so much she gets the hiccups just like me!  Julia is funny like me and sheís also very sweet.  She snuggles with me all the time.  We all snuggled at our hotel on the chair by the window because we watched the fireworks from Epcot right from our room!!!!   Besides all the fun things at Disney, it was a very beautiful time to go, with all the colorful lights and HUGE Christmas trees and water fountains actually dancing to Christmas music.   I hope everyone has as wonderful a Christmas season as we did.

Love Andrew