Yeah!  It’s finally my turn to write!  Andrew usually writes the Christmas letter and last year Mom wrote that very mushy poem.  Most of the time I’m funny --not mushy.   If you’re looking for mushy-- you’ll have to go to our web site and see the previous years’ letters (and of course new updated pictures).  Sometimes being funny can get me in trouble though.  At dinner, when no one is looking, I hide under the table and start untying shoelaces.   Then Mom and Dad get upset because I’m not finished eating.  The story is-- I am finished eating.  I ate what I like.. the veggies and carbs.  The meat--that has to go!!!  Sometimes it goes “accidentally” on the floor for Pumpkin to eat.  Mom says I look like Aunt Chrissy, act like Aunt Chrissy and now I eat like Aunt Chrissy.  Aunt Chrissy and I are “vegerations”.  Ok- so I can’t say vegetarian.  The meat not only tastes yucky but I love animals so much, I don’t feel like eating them.  I even take care of them at my vet hospital in my room.  Some days it’s a vet hospital and some days it’s a shopping store.  But even when it’s a shopping store I still sell puppies –but they are free.   Mom is my best shopper.  She comes to my store and buys so much stuff.  Then she has to explain to Dad why she spent so much money.  Dad doesn’t know this -but I am a very good saleslady.  I find Mom matching stuff for the things she buys.  She can’t just leave with the dress-- I tell her how nice it would look with the matching shoes and barrettes.   Speaking of matching, how do you like that awesome picture Mom took?  It’s a beauty huh??  That picture was taken at exactly the right time those leaves turned red outside of FN Brown.  That’s Andrew’s school (Soon to be mine next year.)   I am very excited just thinking about Kindergarten.  I think I know my way around that school with my eyes closed.  Mom is getting me ready in more ways then just showing me around.  I’m adding and subtracting.  While Andrew reads “The Magic Tree House”,  I read my “FAT CAT” book and “PIG JIGS” book.  Mom bought me this awesome phonics  book and inside it has lots of other little books!!!  It’s so cute!  I practiced it so much that when little Lyna (that’s my cousin) came from Georgia, I read it to her!  She loved listening to my voice and I loved when she smiled at me.  I think she is so pretty.  Aunt Niki and Uncle Rich said I was a wonderful big cousin to Lyna.  Well, since I had that book down pat, Mom introduced me to some new sight words.  We took them out of our Sight Word Bingo game and every night I read some to Mom and Dad.  When we are done we put them inside of my Vermont Teddy Bear’s pocket for the next day.  She sits right on my dresser next to my favorite thing in the whole world--- my picture of Uncle Jamie and me.  It’s in a little frame that says, “I love you.”  And I do love my Uncle Jamie.  I take that picture to the mirror when I brush my hair in the morning.  I kiss the picture goodnight.  I hold it when I watch football on TV -hoping to see Uncle Jamie in the stadium.  But mostly when I’m feeling sad - I keep it next to my heart----it’s magic because it always makes me feel better!   I almost forgot the biggest news of all…….Uncle Jamie and Aunt Steph are getting married!!!!  I get to be the flower girl and Andrew gets to be the ring bearer.  They are moving down the shore next month and this summer we are going to have the best time at the beach!  I really miss the warm weather.  Andrew does too…he learned to ride a bike this summer.  One day he just took off!!  We couldn’t believe it.  Dad said the scooter gave him the balance he needed.  Andrew has really grown up—he’s sooo tall, he is reading so much, Mom is teaching him multiplication and Dad is teaching him all about the planets and the earth and he loves it!!   But I think his favorite thing is drawing.  He is such an artist.  Since he didn’t get to write this year,  I think I’ll let him draw something on the back.   I better get to bed—Daddy and me stay up late every night either on the computer or just telling funny stories.  He’s supposed to be tucking me in, but we have too much fun to be sleepy.  Merry Christmas! 

Love, Julia