Merry Christmas Everyone!

Mama still needs to write this card for me but not for long.  I can write a few letters now and wow can I read!  We were in a restaurant a couple weeks ago and I asked Mama if I can have a hot dog and she said, ďI donít think they have hot dogs here honey.Ē  And I said,  ďyes they do -  it says it right here on the menu dog.Ē  Mama almost fell on the floor!!  See how much Iíve grown?  My brain is not only bigger but all the pants Mama bought me in September for school are too short!  School is sooo much fun.  We make really cool projects.  I made a project about Christopher Columbus and it had a boat that sailed.   I told Mama the whole story!  She said I told her things she didnít even know.  Iím so smart!   Everything about school is great - especially how my friends, Billy, Christopher, Dan and Max use our imaginations to make believe we are super heroes.  Our favorite super heroes are Power Rangers.  You can find pictures of my school friends and neighborhood friends -  Phoebe, Christina and Remy  on  Guess who else loves to play Power Rangers with meÖ.Julia!  Yup, Julia is the PINK RANGER!!!  Aunt Steph was going to be the Pink Ranger for Halloween with Julia but they only came in little kids sizes.  Aunt Steph buys us all our Power Ranger gear and good thing because Julia wears the costume all the time.  Halloween never ended in our house.  You would not believe how well Julia dresses up.  Well, she gets lots and lots of practice because she changes her clothes about 1800 times a day.  I canít count THAT high yet but thatís what Mama always says.  When Julia gets up in the morning, she goes right to her drawer and gets dressed by herself.  Sometimes the tag is in the front but I help her fix it.  I even put her diaper on for her!!  Julia knows her colors so her clothes always match.  Sometimes none of that matters because Juliaís favorite outfit is her birthday suit!  Good thing she goes potty most of the time now.  HEE HEE!  Julia sees me go potty so she wants to go too.  She likes to copy lots of things I do.  You should see her try to do Tae Kwon Do!!  When I go to class she watches me from the window and kicks up her little leg and says ďhy ya!Ē  She almost kicks as high as me.  Guess what belt Iím up to ÖORANGE! (thatís my favorite color by the way).  Mama and Dad are so proud of me.  They are also very proud of Julia.  When she first started story time she was shy about singing the songs.  But now sheís right up front singing ďhead, shoulders, knees and toes.Ē  She knows the whole song!   Itís really no surprise how quickly she chimed right in because Julia is a very confident little girl.  She knows what she wants and sometimes goes to great lengths to get it.  Sheís a tough and strong!  Just like Dad.  Mama and me need kickboxing to help us be extra strong!!!  Weíre getting there though.   Speaking of strong, I need to go because Mama needs help packing. Those suitcases get heavy!  We are going to meet Uncle Rich & Aunt Niki in Disney!!!  Then we are going back to their house to meet Molly!!!  Thatís their new puppy.  Iím bringing my real treasure map I made in school.  It has a lake, mountains, a cornfield and where the ďxĒ is I put gold glitter.  Molly is going to help me dig for my treasure.  I canít wait to meet Molly and to see Uncle Rich & Aunt Niki because I miss them very very much!  Iíll be back home for Santa and on Christmas day Iíll be having a blast playing Football on Play Station with Uncle Jamie.  (Maybe Iíll let him win this time!)  After we eat lots of food, Uncle Jamie & Aunt Steph will snuggle us up in their arms and weíll all go to sleep on Aunt Linda & Uncle Jimís couch by the warm fire, listening to Christmas music.  I hope you and your family also have a Christmas filled with warm family memories, lots of love, loads of home made cookies, and many many magical Christmas moments!   

Love, Andrew